Monte Vidon Corrado

Partenza: Chiesa di San Liberato - M. Vidon Corrado
TEL. +39 328027
DURATA PERCORSO: ore 3,30 (circa 8 km)

Municipalities involved:
Monte Vidon Corrado - Montappone - Massa Fermana


Departure: The Church of St. Freed - Monte Vidon Corrado
Arrival: The Franciscan Convent - Massa Fermana

Dangers: trail to be done only with a naturalist guideInfo and reservations: Antichi mestieri association, nuovi cammini (“new walkings” ndr)  Tel +39 329 8022516 / Tel. +39 3280278570 Emanuele


The trail starts from the small country church of San Liberato, exactly on the hill where the artist Licini was used to quit for contemplation and to get inspired for a lot of his paintings, so popular nowadays.Shortly after you can reach another small temple called St. Peter of Gagliano; from there, passing through several streams, you get to the Selva of Massa Fermana near which stands the old Franciscan Convent.
St. Bernardino of Siena and Giacomo della Marca were hosted here as well as Frair Ugolino of Montegiorgio, the author of the Latin version of the Franciscan "Fioretti" or "little flowers" (the collection of beloved stories about St. Francis and the early days of the Order, preserved by the "Spiritual" Franciscans).