The Motor Smatata trail



Da Montegiorgio a Falerone
One Power Racin

Municipalities involved:
Montegiorgio – Francavilla d’Ete - Massa Fermana – Montappone - Montegiorgio

The route:
The One Power Racing Motoclub association will lead you to a really evocative path, among “trenches”, rivulets, hills and dirt roads, admiring so unusual and fascinating natural vegetation.

Suggested means of transport:
Biking: Mountain bike (high difficulty)
Motorcycles: Enduro (easy)
Alternative means: Quad (easy)

Departure: Montegiorgio
Arrive: Falerone


Along the way we suggest a stop at Bar Vintage in Francavilla d’Ete d’Ete (Via Dante Alighieri, 3 - Tel. +39 0734 960546) where it is possible to taste delicious homemade beers. Go through the municipality of Montappone; it is worth a visit to the different hat outlets. The arrival in Montegiorgio will be awarded by a visit to the chocolate shop Cioccolami (Piazza Matteotti, 17 - Tel +39 0734961632