The Tenna River


Partenza Montegiorgio - Arrivo Servigliano

Municipalities involved:
Montegiorgio - Falerone - Servigliano

Difficulty: low
Dangers: small house dog


The departure is at Piane di Montegiorgio km 26,900 in front of Cerquabella (an interesting oak). This oak is so noble that has deserved (the only one in Italy) a position sign on the Touring Club map as well as so famous to be recognized as the most beautiful oak in Italy.    The affection for this plant from its fellow citizens, the people of Montegiorgio is so great, that it is known not only by its nickname, but even without the article, so simply Cerquabella, as you would say Mary, Agnes, Teresa ... From Cerquabella go straight on towards Belmonte Piceno, after about1 km, turn right (first turning). Go straight on for  about 4.4 km until you reach the beautiful Servigliano village. Walk to Piazza Roma where you can enjoy a "great taste" moment tasting one of the best ice cream in the Marche region: Gelateria Cafeteria Mecozzi since 1960 (Via XXIV Maggio, 8  - Tel + 39 0734 710503).