The Mediterranean Diet, diet and lifestyle example, was named Worlds Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. In the medical field it is recognized as the main component both for the Primary Prevention (the essential rules series to keep good health conditions) and for the Secondary Prevention (the useful actions to prevent worsening and complications in evident diseases).
The Mediterranean Diet superiority is due to several factors: economic sustainability which makes it affordable to every social class; the behavioural model that consists of tradition, culture, pleasure, socialization and balance; naturalness which involves genuineness, biodiversity and bioavailability; a millennia selection; coupling with a particularly healthy environment and climate; the scientific validation; the international acceptability; the low environmental impact.
The Marche region has several prides and joys within the Mediterranean Diet. We have got the first place in the scientific validation carried out especially in the Piceno valleys (Montegiorgio) since a 50s pilot study, then along the thirty-year SEVEN COUNTRIES STUDY and later in the FINE Study and HALE project, to the starting of EXPO 2015, additionally thanks to our prime fellow citizen, Mr Fidanza.
The Mediterranean characters in The Marche are represented by 3 thousand years historical testimonies: from Umbrian Piceno evidences, Latin writers, some monasticism bequests, a number of naturalists, enologists, excellent chefs and stewards, to the past two centuries’ entrepreneurs, up to the most famous names in the food science (Flaminio Fidanza, Luigi Luciani, Silvestro Baglioni, Emidio Serianni among the others).
The female world has also always enjoyed a respect hardly seen in other Italian and Mediterranean districts history. It is symbolized in Vergara’s authority, wisdom and foresight as well as mythologized in the Sibyl). According to the UNESCO in fact the main credit within the cultural heritage transmission (summarized by the Mediterranean Diet) belongs to the Woman.
There are also many other credits as: the record for Active Longevity as for the expectations of life and health; the lower value in avoidable deaths for the Italian Index almost a double number of PDO and PGI compare to the Italian average; the incontestable environmental health; the high rate of territory voted to the farmland.