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Massa Fermana

Massa Fermana

The village of Massa Fermana is an area of great interest in Fermo province hinterland. Starting from the city gate of St. Anthony, entrance of the medieval castle built in the XII century, we can walk along Via Guerrieri to visit the Straw Hat Museum (1) and, a few meters further, the ancient road crafts (2) one. Along the same street, we come to the Church of St. Lawrence, where we can admire the first work by Carlo Crivelli and the panel of his brother Vittore (3) as well as Malpiedi and Ricci's works. Leaving the church, we come to the City Hall, home to the Municipal Art Gallery (4), where we can find works by Pagani, De Magistris, Durante Nobili. The fifteenth century wooden choir (5) of the Franciscan convent is housed in the council chamber. Finally, we could visit the twelfth century Franciscan convent (6) as well as the numerous hat factories located throughout the territory, famous all over the world for their crftsmanship.

Via Guerrieri
Tel. +39 0734 760058 - 3803037284
OPENING: on demand
TICKETS: free entrance

The Museum is housed in the ancient village castle. There ancient machinery, straw braid types and hats are displayed together with old photos to document the whole straw hat ancient handmade phase.


Via Guerrieri
Tel. +39 339 7021065
OPENING: on demand
TICKETS: free entrance

The items on display are kindly provided by Bruno Rastelli, collector who curates a museum concerning 60 equipped bicycles to carry the ancient road crafts out in the first half of nineteenth-century. The bicycles come from the most of the Italian regions, in particular from the centre of Italy. Mr. Bruno Rastelli is also owner of 150 period motorcycles.


Church of St. Lawrence, St. Sylvester and Ruffino
Via Garibaldi
Tel. +39 0734 760127
OPENING: 9 a.m. -1p.m. (Monday-Saturday)
TICKETS: free entrance

Polyptych by Carlo Crivelli
Commissioned by count Azzolino of Fermo, it was signed and dated by Carlo Crivelli (1468), it’s painted by a tempera technique on wood and kept in the Church of St. Lawrence. This is the first Crivelli’s work in the Marche region, also important to determine the date of his return to Italy. The Madonna seats on a throne in the center and holds the Infant who blesses and holds a golden sphere, globe’s symbol.

Madonna of the Belt and devotees by Vittorio Crivelli (1440-1501)
In 1460 Massa Fermana experienced dramatic moments because of the plague spread, so the citizens then wanted to commission a panel to be protected from the plague by the Great St. Mother. The Virgin Mary seats centrally and holds the blessing Child with a red carnation in his plump fingers, well-known symbol of his future saving sacrifice. St. Lorenzo, St. Francis, St. Sylvester and St. Sebastian are painted in the center. They offer a city detailed model to the Virgin that surrounds it in a charitable and protective way with a golden belt.


Piazza Garibaldi, 61- Palazzo comunale
Tel. +39 0734760127 - 335 8215530
OPENING: 9 -12 a.m., 3 -7 p.m. (every day) upon reservation at other time
TICKETS: free entrance

Located in the municipal building, it contains several paintings such as: The Nativity (Vincenzo Pagani), Disputation on the Immaculate Conception (Durante Nobili) where in the altar-step there is the meeting between St. Anne and St. Joachim, GA De Magistris, and another attributed to the school of Giuseppe Ghezzi, Antonio Rossellino. Also a fresco by Giovanni di Corraduccio, one of the thirteenth century, seventeenth and eighteenth century wooden statues, tabernacles, frames and more. All the contents come from the Franciscan Monastery of Massa Fermana (1215).


Piazza Garibaldi, 61- Palazzo comunale
Tel. +39 0734 760127 - 335 8215530
OPENING: 9-12 a.m., 3-7p.m. (every day).Upon reservation at other time
TICKETS: free entrance

The choir, coming from the high altar of the Franciscan Monastery, nowadays the Council
Chamber, is a valuable artifact in walnut wood, made by Hannibal Caferri and Raimondo Spinucci. The mouldings, capitals, side doors rose windows and the lectern have considerable value. The choir has 17 seats and 14 jump seats.

C.da Montestalio
Tel. +39 0734 760127 - 3358 215530
OPENING: Outside visits upon reservation

It is a great worth artifact whose construction dates back to the first half of the thirteenth century. It is built on the ruins of a pre-existing complex for the worship, architecturally extremely interesting, but nowadays it is greatly damaged.
Superintendence restructured only the roof and two aisles on the right. Currently the portico and the entire facade are under restorative measures.
The construction area was chosen by the Seraphic Patriarch and his disciples, friars Masseo and Ruffino in 1215.
It seems it had been founded by St. Francis in 1215, according to a well-accepted tradition, collected by our celebrated journalist P. Gonzaga in the second half of the sixteenth century. In the monastery many religious with a reputation for holiness lived and died. Among the ancients it is also named F. Giacomo of Massa, qualified by reporters as a most perfect man in all virtues. In addition to the famous people mentioned above it is recognized and established that also Saints Bonaventura, Bernardino of Siena, Giovanni of Capistrano, Giacomo della Marca, and Beato

Giovanni of Fermo lived there.


Massa Fermana
Via Garibaldi, 60
+39 0734 760127